A Public Thank You to David Nanian, the author of SuperDuper!

It's is 3/25/08, 6 PM here in NYC, and I am CHOCKING on GRATITUDE!!! When I calm down, time permitting, I'll provide even more details here (Bookmark this page and check in later?), but for now:

The New Hard Drive in Powerbook G4 is SO QUIET, that I thought it was DEAD !!!

David Nanian, the FATHER of SuperDuper was BEYOND WORDS, and TODAY, when The Nightmare Day came:

the Internal Hard  Drive died, and needed to be Replaced and Cloned back to

DAVID WAS THERE, and his SuperDuper! worked as advertised!!! -- a DREAM!!!  

WHAT A PIECE OF MIND it was to have David minutes away on email!!!

This was my FIRST HD - SD "RESURECTION"!!!

I ordered the New Hard Drive from Bob yesterday, it arrived at 9:30AM today, and by noon today I was Cloning Back to Internal, and 45 min later started from my New Internal HD!!! It was like nothing happened!!!! Stay tuned for a detailed report!  

 If  you have a Mac Computer and don't own SuperDuper!, you are CRAZY!!!!!!

Don't even think of arguing!!!


and use it DAILY!!! 

SuperDuper! -- Clone your entire Hard Drive =  sleep nice! = not backing up your computer is like flying without a parachute! If your Hard Drive dies, you can start from the Clone Hard Drive, and be like new again, restoring your Internal Hard Drive, if it can be done, or its replacement! This is a must-have! Mac only, product!

and meet Bob!!!

Make sure you have enough Kleenex tissues before you

click on this link

Other World Computing -- great place to buy Hard Drives and more Apple Hardware... Make sure to speak to Bob Boldt, (800) 275-4576, ext. 113, and send him my LOVE, and please let me know when you do !!! This guys a "people" people, and he really knows his tech fine print, cause he uses a lot products he sells. I know that first hand. He is hoest and is not looking for a quick sale, while disregarding customers' true needs. The whole OWC vibe is great!!

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Get a Mac!

Why this song?! Cause whenever your Hard Drive is Restored, it's like Christmas, at least !!!

courtesy of "James Taylor At Christmas", available on iTunes, of course, for your iPod, iPhone pleasure:)!


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